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Generators vs Solar Batteries

Do you need backup power?

Backup power is necessary where there are frequent power cuts. This could be because of blackouts for example. While most people get backup power for their homes, it’s just as useful if not more if you run a business. So which is the best backup power solution?

Types of backup power systems

You can either choose a solar system with batteries or a backup generator.

A solar system with batteries

Although this is the more expensive option, it is a more permanent solution. Solar panels last about 25 years. Inverters last 10 years and solar batteries have a lifespan of 5-10 years.

Solar can work without batteries in a grid-tie solar system. This makes the system cheaper but removes the power backup. Adding batteries makes sure you have power in a blackout. Batteries also reduce your dependence on grid-supplied electricity by up to 90% saving you money on your electricity bill. You can use solar batteries even if there isn’t a power cut. This extended use helps you reduce your electricity bill and recover the money you spent on the solar system.

Backup generators

For years generators have been the more popular option as a backup power solution because they’re cheaper and simpler to install. Generators provide more backup power than batteries and can handle heavier loads. They have a lower upfront cost so are cheaper in the short term.

However, in the long term, the costs work out almost the same when you factor in fuel, maintenance, and the shorter lifespan of a generator. Solar batteries have up to twice the lifespan of a generator. A generator typically lasts 5 years. Home generators require maintenance once a week for around 30 minutes, refueling, and an oil change at least once a year. This should be included in your maintenance costs. Generators are less environmentally friendly than solar batteries, so if you’re worried about your carbon footprint, batteries are the friendlier option.

With solar batteries, the backup instantly kicks in when the power goes out. Generators take a few minutes to kick in and start up after the power goes out. Generators make noise while solar batteries are quiet.


A generator is the cheaper short-term solution, while in the long term, solar is more cost-effective. Although it requires more money upfront, you’re getting a longer lifespan for every dollar spent.

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