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Is Solar Power a Smart Investment?

Solar power should be considered as an investment that will pay off significantly in the long-term, a Win-Win. Clean solar energy is a firm investment that can provide an appealing financial return. Solar energy also offers the added benefits of important environmental benefits, favorable tax treatment and protection from increased utility charges.


The upfront cost of a new solar system can seem disconcerting. The good news is that tax credits are available for solar energy installations, and you can obtain personal loans to finance the cost of your solar system. Monthly payments will make the installation cost easier to pay. Your bank or solar contractor can help you with available financing options.

Solar is a Good Investment

Your solar system starts paying for itself as soon as it is up and running. Families have even reduced their monthly electricity bill to zero. Most panel installations will pay for themselves within 10 years, while your savings will depend on factors like the cost of electricity in your area and your climate. A 25-year warranty makes sure that you’ll come out ahead financially long-term. To calculate your payback period, you divide your net cost of your solar system by the annual savings on your electricity bill, and keep in mind that the more utility electric rates increase over time, the more value you’re getting from your solar system.

That’s why solar is a win-win: it’s good for your family’s finances and good for our planet. For an efficient solar panel installation, you can count on Sunshine City Solar. Our skilled team has installed many systems and will help design a cost-effective arrangement for you. Contact us today to request an estimate.

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